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Properties of Magnesia Cementitious Material

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The effect of magnesia cementitious material on the comprehensive utilization of resources:

1. Assimilate urban and rural wastes: municiple garbages like waste plastics, waste paper, waste textile, waste glass, waste slag, waste wood and furniture.

2. Assimilate crop straw: wheat straw, cotton straw, corn straw, rice straw and other crop straw.

3. Assimilate industrial wastes: (1) sawdust, wood shavings, slab, wood branches etc. the remainder of timber harvesting and processing (2) fly ash, slag and other industrial wastes.

4. Comprehensive utilization and rational utilization of mineral resources to improve the utilization of mineral resources.

The property of magnesia cementitious material

1. Superior fireproof performance: the wall material made of magnesia cementitious material belongs to non combustible material and reaches A1 level.

2. Light weight with high strength: Magnesia cementitious material is light in weight, high in strength. Its compressive strength is not less than 3.5MPa.

3. Heat preservation: the thermal conductivity is 0.08 ~ 0.06 W/ (m K). It has good thermal insulation and heat insulation performance.

4. Carbon neutral, structurally binding with cellulose and minerals.

5. It contains no carcinogens, adhesives, resins, not affected by oil, grease, chemicals, and paint.

6. Active antiseptic. Mildew proof and insect proof.

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