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Wacker chemical (China) co., LTD., the guests visited association

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    On September 13, Wacker Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. (WACKER) Greater China Sales Manager Fan Shoulong, Dr. Dr. HEINZ GEICH, and Sales Manager Xing Yanjun visited CMMA and held discussions with the leaders of the CMMA.

    Founded in 1914, Wacker Chemicals is a global chemical company with approximately 17,000 employees and annual sales of approximately 5.3 billion euros (2015). The company's business is all over the world. The company's business is all over the world. The company's business mainly includes silicone, polymer, biotech, polysilicon and semiconductor ultra pure silicon. The products are widely used in all walks of life, such as architecture, transportation, energy, electricity, electricity, textile, consumer care, medical care and food.

    The WACKER Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. visited our association and mainly introduced their main business situation and understood our market prospects and product status of magnesium-based cementitious materials.


    Vice President Liu Wenjie received business guests. The two sides hope to strengthen cooperation in the future, create development opportunities, and provide better services to the entire industry.


    The Secretariat Xu Wei, Zhou Weidong, Li Mengqiang, and Wang Jie participated in the discussion.

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