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Second, President of the office meeting

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中国菱镁行业协会2017年第二次会长办公会议于201792日在北京市召开。部分协会副会长和分支机构、代表机构负责人参加了会议。会议期间,秘书处汇报了协会上半年开展的主要工作,就绿色建材评价导则的数据收集、玻镁平板安装技术规范标准编制方案、落实开展企业等级评定活动、《玻镁平板》[GB/T 33544-2017]标准修改意见、2017年行业年会方案以及向国务院主管领导呈送关于促进镁质胶凝材料行业发展的建议等议题进行了讨论。会议还就20171-8月份行业发展形势进行了分析。会议由吕泽群会长主持。

2017 - 2nd president's office meeting of CMMA was held on September 2, 2017 in Beijing and was presided over by Lvze Qun. Some vice presidents and branch representatives, heads of the agency attended the meeting. During the meeting, the secretariat reported on the major work of CMMA carried out in the first half of the year. The subjects discussed included: Data gathering of implying "Data Collection Guidelines for Green Building Materials Evaluation Guidelines", draft of the "Standard Specification for Glass Magnesium Plate Installation" and “Magnesium-Oxide-Based Sheet"[GB / T 33544-2017], and implemented activities the "Enterprise Grade Assessment". The program of the annual industry conference in 2017 and the presentation of the" Proposal on Promoting the Development of the Magnesia Cementitious Material Industry "to the leaders of the State Council also were presented and reviewed. Finally, the industry development situation from January to August in 2017 was analyzed.



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