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First President office meeting

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2017 – 1st president's office meeting of CMMA was held on January 4, 2017 in Beijing. The meeting was presided over by Zequn Lu. Shouxian Wang, the party secretary of Shandong Academy of Building Research, CMMA vice presidents from group memberships, the heads of Haicheng, Northwest, and Guangdong agencies and of the Foreign Affairs Committee attended the meeting.



During the Meeting, The some indicators of "Magnesite Enterprise Grades standard" part of the indicators were discussed and modified. This standard will provide an important reference to financial investments of magnesite enterprises, product users and bidding projects.  It also will be a ranking standard establishing a corporate image and building a product brand, and lay the foundation for CMMA to declare and launch green building materials and green product labeling.


At the end of meeting, it was decided to speed up the establishment of the credit system of magnesite industry in accordance with the requirements of the NDRC, Ministry of Civil Affairs and other relevant ministries.



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