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Lu Zequn, Chairman of the China Magnesite Industry Association, and Xu Zhao, Deputy Secretary-General, visited the Construction 4 NEW Exposition.

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    The 5th China International Construction Engineering Technology, New Materials, New Technology and New Equipment Exposition 2017 (hereinafter referred to as “Building 4 NEW Exposition”) co-hosted by China International Exhibition Center Group and China Construction Industry Association was held on February 27 to March 1st in the old hall of China International Exhibition Center. The expo gathered a number of exhibitions related to the construction of new materials, new technologies and new equipment. It is not only the first exhibition of the construction industry in the country this year, but also the largest trade fair in the northern region. To further understand the development direction of China’s latest construction technology, equipment and building materials, Lu Zequn, Chairman of the China Magnesite Industry Association, and Xu Zhao, Deputy Secretary-General, visited the Construction 4 NEW Exposition.

    During the visit, President Lu made a special trip to the deputy president of the association, Jiangsu Hong Hai New Material Co., Ltd. located in the booth No. 4 (new material), carefully inquired the data of the company's products, and gave a high degree of evaluation to the various products displayed by the enterprise, and also affirmed 

    It is understood that the expo features new materials, new technologies, and new equipment for construction projects. It gathered over 300 well-known domestic and foreign companies. The overall exhibition area and scale will increase by 50% compared to the previous session, attracting  over 60,000  dealers, designers, construction companies, owners, supervision units, municipal traffic engineering companies, material buyers, manufacturers, and overseas buyers to the site. The Fifth Session of the “Construction 4 New Exposition” not only built a platform for technical exchanges and purchases of many trade groups and professionals, but also helped exhibitors to achieve a wealth of brand promotion and trade results. In addition, the 5th Construction 4 New Exhibition was held in conjunction with related building materials exhibitions such as dry-mix mortar exhibition, home industry exhibition, and architectural coatings exhibition.


    This exhibition fully demonstrated the latest technological achievements of new building energy-saving materials, green buildings, smart buildings, smart homes, smart cities, and green construction at home and abroad, and actively guided the companies in the industry toward the development of green buildings and energy-saving buildings. More than 300 companies gathered together to provide a good opportunity for the promotion of new technologies, new materials, and new equipment in the building materials industry, which effectively promoted the rapid development of the industry's market.


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